RU486 Pill: An Ideal Way To Manage Unplanned Pregnancy

Reproductive right is an authority given to women to make a proper decision for herself and her family in terms of accessing family planning as well as reproductive health services to guard herself and to decide when and whether she wants children or not. Abortion became a constitutional right and every woman may exercise this right whenever she is in need. This right makes the women independent, helps to build their careers, continue their education and helps bring equality between males and females.

By nature, prospective life is the most valuable and precious element in the world. But due to certain concerns such as an insufficient financial base, birth defects, health related issues for a women or a baby, rape or any other societal obligations, abortion may have to be chosen. In the majority of cases the women choose abortion because of contraceptive failure.
Now the question is how abortion can be made safe, secure and easy for women. With the development of medical and pharmaceutical science, various products made their appearance. But among all, RU 486 is found to be very effective in termination of pregnancy. It is easily available on our online pharmacy store.

Buy RU486 Pill contain Mifepristone Pill is used more than surgical abortion because surgical abortion is painful, hazardous and risky, requires lots of money, need lots of effort and has no privacy. In contrast to surgical abortion RU 486 can be easily used at home with confidentiality without consulting physician. RU486 can be easily purchased from the online pharmacy stores.

RU486 Pill also known as the abortion pill is most widely used for abortion up to 63 days of gestation period. RU486 commonly available anywhere, safe, secure, and home based approach to terminate pregnancy has made it the first line choice among all other ways of abortion. RU486 exceptionally exerts its action by antagonizing the action of a naturally occurring hormone in the body known as Progesterone. It inhibits the nutrition and oxygen supply from women to the womb where the fetus is present.

In what manner a female should intake RU486 Pill?

RU486 should be used within 49 days of pregnancy. Take three tablet of RU486 (each contains medicine called Mifepristone of 200 mg) with one glass of water. Then after 3 or 4 days 400mcg (2 pills) of Misoprostol need to be taken by oral or vaginal route. The pregnancy termination has to be confirmed after 14-21 days after the administration of Misoprostol.

Are there any Side Effects of RU486 Pill?

RU486 may have some adverse effect in the body of a female such as nausea, vaginal bleeding, mood swings, abdominal cramping and fatigue.

What are the key point that need to be remembered while using RU486 Pill?

  • Your are not recommended to take an RU486 if you have problems that include ectopic pregnancy i.e. a pregnancy outside the uterus.
  • Avoid an RU486 If you are allergic to RU486 or any of its chemical components and/or have a bleeding problem.
  • IUD (a type of contraceptive devices) must be removed before using these pills.
  • Do not take it in case you have a chronic adrenal failure or you are pregnant.
  • If the gestation period is more than 63 days, don't use it.

How and from where to get RU486 Pill?

Buy RU486 Abortion pill online from our pharmacy store at reasonable cost with fast shipping facility, secure payment option and safe packaging. Do not let an unwanted pregnancy trouble you, have a safe abortion with RU486 pill.


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